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Dental crowns are custom-made covers for your teeth that can be made of metal or a combination of ceramic fused to metal, cemented into place to give a natural and functional result. Crowns are strong and durable and we can also reinforce any existing crowns that you already have. We use ceramic to prevent metal margins appearing as your gums recede over time.

A dental crown is used for similar reasons as fillings such as protecting and restoring the tooth, replacing existing crowns, repairing the tooth surface and giving the best possible aesthetic appearance and functionality.

If your dentist decides that you require a crown, they will thoroughly asses the condition of your teeth, provide a dental x-ray, decide on the best course of action and fully discuss the procedure with you.

You will receive a local anaesthetic to numb the tooth in preparation for a crown and it will be prepared and shaped to fit accordingly. An impression of your tooth is sent off to a ceramist who will construct the crown according to your dentist’s instructions. Whilst waiting for your crown to be fitted, your dentist will fit a provisional crown to hide any gaps and protect your tooth.

Once your custom-made crown is ready, you will have a follow-up appointment at a time that is convenient for you. You can see the crown before it is fitted and then try it on to see how it feels and fits. You may schedule a further appointment with your dentist to discuss how you are getting along with your new crown. It is important to maintain a good oral hygiene routine at all times.

Your dentist will discuss material options for your crown with you. These include;

Porcelain bonded to metal- looks natural and is hard-wearing. Precious metals tend to be used to reduce the chance of inflammation and corrosion. If your gum line recedes, the metal of the crown can become exposed and a black line will appears at which point you should contact your dentist.

Gold- has a wear characteristic very similar to the tooth’s natural enamel and, due to its softness, can be formed to less than 1mm thick so it can be moulded to your tooth’s original structure. It requires minimal preparation and is more suited for back teeth.

All porcelain- most suitable for front teeth as its colour and opaqueness is very similar to your natural tooth. It is gives the best aesthetic appearance and chemically bonds with your tooth enamel.

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