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Periodontal Specialist

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If you have advanced gum disease, you may be referred to our in-house periodontal specialist who will determine the best course of treatment to minimise further damage and help to restore the gums.

The effects of gum disease can be extremely painful and cause lasting issues if not dealt with promptly so a periodontist will decide on the best course of action and deliver expert treatment.

You may just require a non-surgical procedure to rectify your gum issues, for example scaling the tooth to remove plaque and tartar that has accumulated on the root surface and root planing, which is a process of smoothing the root of the tooth to remove bacteria. Your periodontist may also apply antimicrobials to your gums which will get rid of any additional bacteria. After your treatment has been completed, you must attend regular checkups and maintain a good oral health regime at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

These treatments can include:

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