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 Prosthodontics is a highly specialised area of dentistry which focuses on rebuilding natural teeth and restoring missing gaps using artificial replacements to achieve a great aesthetic effect and restore full functionality. A prosthodontist practitioner will have completed an accredited programme over a minimum of 3 years and has a high level of expertise. They will also have a good working knowledge of other areas of dentistry so they are able to provide excellent care.

Due to their expert knowledge, you may be referred to a prosthodontic dentist for more complex issues or for a second opinion. You may be referred to them to for issues including dental implants, porcelain veneers, aesthetic dentistry, jaw joint problems, complex and multi-disciplinary special care cases and full-mouth reconstruction. A prosthodontist may also be called upon if you have had previous dental treatment that has not gone as planned and requires attention.

Like an artist, a prosthodontist will use several disciplines to design a perfect smile for their patient. These disciplines include;

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