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Sedation for Nervous Patients

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We strive to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere in our practice and want our patients to always have a positive experience from the treatment and care that they receive from us. When you suffer from anxiety or any form of dental-related fear, visiting the dentist can be a nerve-wracking experience and that tenseness can exasperate any existing discomfort.

To help reassure you, we explain every step of your treatment to you and explain what to expect before, during and after. We allow you to be completely involved in any decision making and will not commence any treatment unless you are completely happy with it and understand what it entails. If you have any queries or concerns, we will discuss them with you and explain everything in a comprehendible way.

We have various topical and local anaesthetics available to minimise discomfort and, in cases of anxiety, we can also provide intravenous conscious sedation therapy. This puts you into a state of deep relaxation and makes the treatment time feel much quicker. Unlike a general aesthetic, you are still conscious however some patients feel like they have slept through the treatment and you may experience slight memory loss of the treatment. As you are still conscious, you can still respond to questions and are aware of your surroundings but we strongly suggest that you bring somebody with you to escort you home safely after treatment.

All the aesthetic and sedation techniques that we use are widely used throughout the medical field and all of our dentists have specific experience administering them. We will discuss your anxiety relief options and a full discussion of sedation therapy and any potential side effects as part of your treatment plan consultation.

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