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Your smile is an important factor in forming a first impression when you meet people. It is proven to be one of the first things that people notice when they see you. Your confidence in the way you smile will show when you do it. This is why people are willing to invest in achieving their ideal smile, hence our offer of smile makeovers Hayes.
People with minor orthodontic issues, misshapen teeth, or discoloured teeth may opt to have a smile makeover to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Those who feel conscious about the way their gum and teeth look usually stop themselves from smiling too much in public, keeping their mouths closed or covering it with their hands when they laugh.

A smile makeover is best done for people with good oral and overall health, but who are not happy with their smiles. At Hayes Dental Clinic, we recommend smile makeovers to patients with the following problems:

Before we perform our smile makeover, we tell our patients to have other oral health issues addressed first. These issues include untreated decay, gum diseases, bruxism, and severe misalignment. Once these problems are treated, we can focus more on creating a beautiful and confident smile for you.

Here the options that is available for you if you want our smile makeovers Hayes:

Hayes Dental Clinic can give you the smile makeover that you’re looking for. Now, you don’t have to hold back when you smile or laugh.

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